Dancehall producer KillaImij [pronounced ‘killa image’] is pleased that his debut production, the ‘Clock Tick’ rhythm, is generating a big buzz.

“The response has been incredible so far, overwhelming…both from streaming and the streets. Gaza Kim’s Bubble Up has over 500,000 streams on Spotify. The songs are also receiving regular radio rotation,” said the producer, whose given name is Sheldon Thaxter.

The rhythm project features six songs and was released on the KillaImij Records label in March. Other singles include Tik Tok Tik by 9Grainz, featuring KillaImij, and Lift it and Drop It by Potential Kidd. The Clock Tick rhythm is a debut production for KillaImij Records, but the producer is confident that he can make his mark. Thaxter says his name explains his mission.

“‘Killa’ equals ‘impressive’, ‘Imij’ equals’ art’. So we make impressive art at KillaImij Records. The ‘Buzzer’ riddim is our second project and will be ready this summer, featuring Munga Honorable, I-Octane and a few others,” he said.

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